omFG ANON I LOVE YOU? Mun is going to answer this one, because Aomine wouldn’t give you a proper answer (“Have a kid? We’re dudes, you fuckin’ idiot.”)

Sooo~ I imagine that Aomine and Kise - if it were possible that they could somehow have their genes spliced and a baby be created [lmfao]

would have a boy- 

Aomine Ritsuka (gomen Kise, honto gomen)

  • Navy hair, Golden yellow/amber eyes, golden tan skin
  • Small forward, Touou ace #6 (get it, cause Aomine is #5, and Kise is #7 — /shot)
  • built slightly more lithe like Kise; golden basketball Adonis
  • he’d be the cockiest, sassiest little shit ever
  • a total prankster, really care free, naturally flirtatious w/o realizing it, blunt and gulliable, really hard to embarrrass
  • slacks off at academics, indulges in reading shonen manga rather than porno magazines like a certain father- ((whispers he secretly likes to read shojo too, guilty pleasure. he’s an emotional boy, he’s touched by the romance.))
  • Bu, aka Daiki-mun, got way too into this..
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